I am a Brookfield approved Third Party Supplier TPSP, servicing Military DND, RCMP, and corporate relocations to and from Ottawa. I help buyers organize their House Hunting Trip (HHT), and have the experience to help you get to know our neighborhoods and maximize the short time you have in Ottawa.

Once you have received your posting, you will be entitled to a House Hunting Trip (HHT). This usually includes up to 5 days and nights in the location you’re moving to, for both you and your spouse. You will be expected to use only approved suppliers for services such as real estate agents, lawyers, house inspectors etc. as these expenses are billed directly to the relocation company. As a member of the Integrated Relocation Program (IRP), I work with certified Brookfield Relocation specialists which include such lawyers, financial lenders and home inspectors that are familiar with the program and help make your move easier and let you focus on finding the right home got you and your family.

Getting prepared early is critical. If you fill out the form on this page and or call me directly to offer me your search criteria, we can begin preparing together. This way I will begin sending you listings that seem to be a match but helps me get to know with your feedback what exactly you’re looking for beyond the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. This way when you visit Ottawa on your House Hunting Trip (HHT), together we will have a focused list of homes that have stood out to you and when you’ve decided on the right home, I’ll help you prepare the offer, negotiate the purchase and sale and assist you every step of the way until closing.